Welcome to my website stephanvdlinde.com.

In 2017 I got my first taste of photography when I bought a camera to simply take away with me on a four month adventure to India. We lived for several months in New Delhi in which I undertook research in water treatment for my master thesis. From New Delhi we made several trips in which I tried to capture everything with my camera. The streets, culture, religions, and fantastic architecture, were the subjects of my photos.

Upon returning from India I became more and more interested in photography and started out ready tips & tricks, and YouTube tutorials. Finally I took a course to steer my current know how in the right direction. However, photography for me is an ongoing proces, I learn day by day and every image of the past is an object of inspiration and for learning.

I go out as much as possible with my camera in my home region, the province Zeeland, in The Netherlands. In other words I try to capture the typical Dutch polderscapes, the beaches, and every other scene that has potential under the right circumstances. In addition, I try to hunt for the right places at the right time, may it be rain, sun, or a clear sky.

Besides my local region I love travelling, capturing foreign landscapes, people, and their cultures. Underneath is a small grasp of my collection, published on Instagram, feel free to follow me. On the other pages you can find images for your home, or what kind of photographic services I can offer.

“capturing foreign landscapes, people, and their cultures”

Feel free to contact me when you have questions via the contact form in the tab “Contact” or find me on Facebook and send me a message via Facebook Messenger ‘here‘.